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Morrissey denies defending Kevin Spacey
The singer disowns a newspaper interview in which he appeared to dismiss Spacey's alleged victims.
Victoria drama gets another series
Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes will be back for the show's third series, which picks up the story in 1848.
THIS is how you respond to a Golden Globes snub
The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani pretends to be Steven Spielberg after missing out on a Globe nod.
Netflix mocks viewers of Christmas film
The platform sent a tweet addressing the "53 people" that have watched the film 18 days in a row.
Star Wars: Fans shouldn't worry if The Last Jedi gets bad reviews
If The Last Jedi isn't an instant hit with the critics, it won't be the first time a Star Wars film's been wrongly panned.
Danny Boyle and Banksy's 'Alternativity' to be on BBC Two
BBC Two is to show Danny Boyle staging an alternative nativity play at Banksy's Bethlehem hotel.
William and Kate are awarded Blue Peter badges
The royal couple receive the accolade for their campaign work on mental health issues affecting children.
Why Peppa Pig's visits to the doctor set a bad example
There are concerns the Pig family's inappropriate doctor calls encourage people to behave similarly.
Keith Chegwin: 'True telly legend' dies aged 60
The veteran TV presenter has died aged 60 after a long illness, his family says.
Golden Globes: Plummer nominated for Spacey role
Other nominees for the Golden Globe awards include Helen Mirren and Judi Dench.