BBC World News Headlines

Alabama Senate race: Trump candidate under spotlight as state votes
President Trump's populist brand faces a test as he backs a Republican accused of child abuse.
Akayed Ullah: New York bombing suspect charged
Bangladeshi immigrant Akayed Ullah was wounded when a device strapped to his body exploded.
Donald Trump signs directive to send astronauts back to Moon
President Donald Trump said the new space program will lay the foundation for a mission to Mars.
Charles Jenkins: US soldier who defected to North Korea dies
Charles Jenkins was detained for nearly 40 years and married a Japanese woman in captivity.
Austria gas plant burns after deadly explosion
A blast at Baumgarten - a major gas hub in Austria - kills one and injures at least 18.
Climate change: Trump will bring US back into Paris deal - Macron
But the French leader says he will not agree to a demand that America's terms should be negotiated.
Six given death penalty for India lynching
The victim was hacked to death on a busy road in broad daylight for marrying an upper caste woman.
Aharon Shteinman: Ultra-Orthodox spiritual leader dies in Israel
Rabbi Aharon Shteinman, 104, was regarded as "Gadol Hador" or "Leader of the Generation".
Honduras army moves in to quell post-election protests
Discontent continues to grow more than two weeks after disputed elections were held.
Trafficking of pills used by suicide bombers soars in Sahel
The UN's drugs agency warns smuggling of the opioid tramadol, used by Boko Haram, must be stopped.